Small Group Swim Lessons

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Small Group Swim Lessons  - Register NOW!

Classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays for eight 30-minute lessons per session.

Class Registration is limited to eight children per class

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Please Note: Fall 2020 Swim Lessons will be taught as MINIMAL CONTACT SWIM LESSONS between our instructors and swimmers.  All swimmers in skill stages 1-4 or under the age of 6 (regardless of swim skill level) must be ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT who will be in the water with them throughout their lessons. This in-water role may be filled by a care provider age 16 or over in your social circle. See age-specific notes below.

In addition to eliminating direct contact between instructors and students, we are also building in longer transition times between groups to reduce locker room congestion, reducing the number of small groups in the pools at a time, and sanitizing any shared equipment between users.

We encourage all swim lesson participants to dress in their swim attire (with cover-up attire as needed) prior to arriving at the Y. This will eliminate the need to wait in line for a Family Locker Room to become available to change. 

All members and staff entering our facilities are required to wear a face covering in all common spaces. Participants will not be wearing face coverings while in the water, but will be required to wear face coverings upon entry to the pool deck, in hallways and family locker room areas, etc.

Each swimmer must be accompanied by a parent who will be in the water with them throughout their lessons. In the case of siblings, a caregiver must be in the water with each child. An exception may be made to allow one caregiver to support two in-water students in cases with 2 siblings close in age and skill level.

A parent/caregiver must accompany each 7-12 year old student in the water on the first day of class. Students in this age group will be asked to complete a swim skills test on the first day, consisting of jumping into the deep end and swimming to the shallow end, with the face in the water at least 25% of the time. If the student is able to complete this test without assistance, they will be placed in a “Stroke Development” or “Stroke Mechanics” group and will not need to have a parent in the water with them for subsequent lessons. Students who are not able to attempt or complete this swim test will be placed in “Swim Basics” or “Stroke Introduction” groups and WILL REQUIRE in-water parental support for the remainder of the session.

The Rome-Floyd County Family YMCA will not be able to offer refunds for any program cancellation this fall. Program cancellations less than halfway through the session may be credited with a pro-rated voucher by request. By enrolling your child in our fall programming, you are agreeing to abide by the Rome-Floyd County Family YMCA Code of Conduct and you agree to follow all policies and protocols that are in place for YMCA youth programming.

For more information or questions, please contact our Aquatics Director, Max Rubesch at