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We need your help! Members who continue to pay their monthly membership dues are our Sustaining Members, because they are helping us be resilient during this time. We ask that you maintain your membership if you can. 

No action on your part is required to remain a member.

What We Are Doing

Free Meal Program for Children:
The immediate impact on school closures goes beyond the loss of classroom instruction. Some children receiving free and reduced meals experience hunger when schools close and school-provided meals are not accessible. These are often the only nutritional meals children have access to every day. We’ve been working closely with both Rome City and Floyd County Schools Nutrition Programs, and community partners to address meal access to help meet the nutritional needs of children.  Your support means we can continue these programs to meet this critical need. 

Home Workout Videos:
Our wonderful group fitness instructors are creating videos to lead you through great workouts at home! Videos are posted on our FaceBook page every other day. 

Arsenal Soccer Videos:
Our soccer staff is also providing videos on their Facebook page at Rome-Floyd YMCA Arsenal Soccer Club  so our players may continue to practice at home.

We can't thank you enough for your support!

When the YMCA of Rome & Floyd County was founded in 1888, joining the Y meant joining a cause and this remains true today. While we are eager to resume activity at our pool and gym, we humbly ask that you remain a Sustaining Member by continuing to pay your monthly membership dues. Your support will help us be nimble and effective in serving the crucial needs of our community. 

Thank you for standing with us to demonstrate the power of community and what we can accomplish when we come together to support those who need us the most. Should you wish to further support the vital work of the Rome YMCA, you may do so by making a donation.

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